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Accelerating business growth through remarkable content

It’s no secret that B2B technology buyers are in control. So how can you make sure when they go online to search for answers that it’s your insights – not your competitors’ – they find?

It’s all in the strategy. Absolute clarity on your audience is the starting point. Turning that insight into useful and relevant content to address their real pain points is the essential next step. And making sure it gets found by the right people in the right places is the other piece of the puzzle.

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HubSpot Inbound Methodology

The Inbound Approach

Developed by Hubspot and refined by thousands of customers, the Inbound Approach is a proven way to drive business growth. It’s all about using content to build awareness, improve conversion and delight customers.

As a Hubspot partner and customer ourselves, combined with our expertise in B2B technology marketing, we are ideally placed to help you build inbound marketing momentum.


Why outbound matters

Should we forget about outbound then? Not at all. In the B2B technology market, approaches like Account Based Marketing are gaining momentum. Why? Because getting your message in front of the right people sometimes requires a direct approach.

But here’s the genius. Content you’ve created for inbound marketing can be adapted and used for outbound too.

At Marketing Fusion, we’ve had great success integrating inbound and outbound marketing. We feel it’s the best way to help sales and marketing teams optimise results.


Joined-up marketing

Proving the value of marketing – and figuring out what’s working and what isn’t – is a huge challenge for many technology marketing teams. If you’re using different systems for email delivery, social media management, website updates and sales tracking, it can be hard to see the results of your efforts.

There are tremendous benefits to managing marketing activities in one place and co-ordinating with sales activity. That’s why we chose to partner with Hubspot, the leading marketing automation platform for small to medium businesses. What does it mean for our customers? Improved insight, greater control and better decision making ability.

Learn about our go-to-market accelerator programme – a comprehensive marketing package that incorporates content strategy development, on-going content creation, campaign execution, social media management, reporting and optimisation, leveraging the HubSpot professional platform.


 “Marketing Fusion offered a solution that demonstrated strategic awareness and an ability to deliver high quality content that has helped us to meet our business goals.

Erica Fortune, Adobe