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Content marketing resources

We’ve created a range of materials designed to answer questions about how content marketing can help you increase leads, attract new customers and grow your business. If you don’t see what you need or have a particular question, email us.

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Visit the B2B Inbound tech hub

Our B2B inbound tech hub provides a comprehensive source of all tips, insights and resources to help you navigate through the big wide world of inbound marketing. Discover how to get started here.

Visit the inbound resource hub



Tune up your inbound marketing

Download The Great Big B2B Inbound marketing checklist. An essential in-depth checklist packed with over 20 additional links to useful tips, tool and templates.

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Create meaningful buyer personas

Create meaningful buyer personas – read the B2B guide

Are you new to the world of persona development? This guide has been written to help you understand why personas are important for your business, how to create meaningful personas and how to get the best out of them (without wasting any of your precious marketing budget).

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Get a head start with content marketing – the essential ebook

If you’re new to content marketing, this ebook explains the basics you need to know before you start. We’ll help you understand why this approach works, what it means for you and what you can expect to achieve. Are you ready to change the way you interact with your market?

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Small businesses: find a big voice for your company

Small businesses: find a big voice for your company

Your prospects are hungry for information. You need to capture their attention and stand out from the crowd – but how? Download the ebook and learn how to:

  • Tap into hidden sources of marketing insight in your business

  • Raise your profile in the market place

  • Create content ‘rocket fuel’ to drive lead generation

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Discover how to use content marketing to navigate the buyer journey

Discover how to use content marketing to navigate the buyer journey

The traditional concept of the marketing funnel doesn’t reflect today’s B2B lead generation reality. That’s why we’ve created this useful ebook to help you rethink your marketing programmes and improve your results. With tips and insights about content format and the best channels for promotion, we hope you find it useful when you are planning future campaigns.

Download the wonky funnel ebook