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Get your content found – by the right people

Tired of creating content that ‘doesn’t work’?

Want your prospects and customers to find your content, rather than your competitors?

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It’s not enough to create engaging and compelling content. Getting your content found – and by the right people – is just as important.

We’ll help you answer questions such as:

  • What social channels are the most effective?
  • How can you engage more followers?
  • Where should you spend your promotional budget?
  • What content syndication options are right for you?
  • How can you turn social engagement in to qualified leads?

Marketing Fusion will breathe life to your content AND help ensure your messages reach your target audience.

We offer:

  • Strategy development for social media marketing
  • Copywriting for newsletters and communications programmes
  • Campaign execution support for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn advertising
  • Advice on customer journeys and landing page optimisation
  • Recommendations on measurement and metrics.

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Get your content found – by the right people

“Marketing Fusion helped us get up and running in 4 months
from a standing start. 
The blend of executive level advice
combined with a willingness to get hands on
needed has been invaluable for us.

Andy Walker, Innometrics